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We’re innovating to connect the way we live today, to a net-zero emissions future

Global challenges. Technological solutions

There are many paths to a net-zero carbon emissions world. We need to be open-minded to using proven, trusted technology to reduce the carbon footprint of today’s industries. These low emission technologies, working alongside renewables, can help unlock a clean energy future.

The technology of lowering emissions

Innovation and technology are time-tested ingredients for progress. There is no one answer. Change can come from anywhere. And the experts agree low emission technologies (LETs) are crucial in reaching our international climate commitments.

LETs are advanced technologies designed to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate other environmental impacts. They can be used for a number of heavy industries, including power and electricity generation, mining processes, and cement, steel and fertiliser production.

A broad range of proven low emission technologies continue to be developed and increase in capability. Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) is one type of LET and is removing the equivalent of about 10 million cars worth of emissions every year. From Norway to Canada, the US, Australia and Japan there are currently 26 working, large scale carbon-capture facilities, removing emissions from steel and cement manufacturing, refineries and even power stations. There are another 34 in development and three under construction.

Who is Low Emission Technology Australia?

LETA invests in technologies that reduce and remove carbon emissions from energy and other heavy industries. Since 2006, we’ve been working to make proven low emission technology a part of the energy mix and taken a leadership role in developing decarbonising technologies in Australia.

Learn more about our purpose, our work, and why low emissions technologies are critical to Australia’s future.

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