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11 Apr 2024

Low Emission Technology Australia Supports Investment in Innovation for Australian Industry

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Low Emission Technology Australia (LETA) supports today’s commitment by the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to invest in opportunities that will help Australia reach net zero while securing jobs for Australians and ensuring future economic security. LETA recognises that a net zero future will require Australia to explore and invest in a range of different industries and technologies. It is crucial that this includes investment in technologies that will lower emissions from Australia’s existing industries.

“The future of energy in Australia requires innovative solutions. New industries and existing industries will both need to play a role if we want to ensure a future that includes economic security, jobs for Australians and reliable energy for households and businesses,” said LETA’s CEO, Mark McCallum.

“LETA welcomes the creation of new industries and the emergence of new technologies and solutions into Australia’s energy landscape. We also know how important it is that we continue to invest in the industries that have supported the Australian economy and Australian jobs for decades. LETA itself is already investing $700 million in technology projects to lower carbon emissions from key industries like steel, cement and power generation, as well as unlocking the potential for new clean industries like hydrogen.

“The Prime Minister has emphasised the importance of keeping up with the rest of the world and ensuring that Australia doesn’t miss out on new opportunities. Around the world, Governments are investing tens of billions of dollars in innovative technologies to reduce and remove emissions. Australia must act now to do the same to ensure a future for the industries that our economy relies on.

“A future for Australia that includes net zero, more jobs, economic security and reliable power is an ambitious goal. It is achievable if our future is one where new and existing industries sit alongside each other and both are supported by proven and emerging technologies.”

LETA remains committed to collaborating with government, industry, and our international trading partners to further explore new technologies that will support Australia to reach net zero while supporting jobs for Australians and economic security for generations to come.


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