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13 Aug 2021

CCUS Technology Bolstered With Utilisation Roadmap

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The CO2 Utilisation Roadmap released today by the CSIRO provides important guidance that will help accelerate the adoption of low emission technologies and reduce carbon emissions from industrial sources.

Globally, there is an increasing focus on how CO2 can be used to improve both sustainability and economic outcomes.

We know that carbon capture and storage is a critical technology to help us move towards net-zero, but use of that captured carbon is too — it can be a valuable revenue stream and make carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) investment opportunities more viable.

The ability to turn CO2 from waste streams into lower-carbon products that we use every day, like cement and building products, not only reduces emissions and carbon intensity, but also could lower the cost of those products for consumers.

CSIRO’s roadmap complements the work LETA is doing to establish a carbon hub in Queensland which will provide the infrastructure and framework for CO2 use and storage for the industrial sectors, as well as unlock new clean industries such as hydrogen and ammonia.

Whether the CO2 is stored or used, the end goal is the same — reducing emissions.

The International Energy Agency says CCUS “will need to form a key pillar of efforts to put the world on the path to net-zero emissions” and this CSIRO roadmap is another key to moving the low emission technology sector forward.



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