LETA Media • Low Emission Technology Australia and the University of Wyoming Forge New Partner For Low Emission Technologies

29 Aug 2023

Low Emission Technology Australia and the University of Wyoming Forge New Partner For Low Emission Technologies

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Today Low Emission Technology Australia (LETA) and the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources (SER) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to foster collaboration in the advancement of low emission technologies.

The MOU establishes a framework that will see LETA and the SER collaboratively working towards accelerating the adoption of breakthrough technologies, benefiting both the economies of Wyoming and Australia.

Under the MOU, LETA and the SER will share technical knowledge and experience and collaborate on the development of new technologies that reduce emissions. Priority cooperation areas include carbon capture and storage (CCS), hydrogen and ammonia production and transportation and coal to products.

Additionally, LETA will evaluate and recommend technologies suitable for testing at the Wyoming Integrated Test Centre (ITC). LETA will provide technical expertise and guidance to ensure the successful implementation of these technologies at the ITC.

The State of Wyoming and Australia both share an understanding of the importance of natural resources, placing them at the forefront of low carbon research and development. Both regions have vast coal reserves giving them emerging prominence in low emission technologies like hydrogen, ammonia and CCS.

By leveraging these similarities, partnerships can be fostered to test and implement new technological solutions, setting the stage for broader adoption across different environments and markets.

Mark McCallum, CEO of LETA said this partnership signifies an important step towards accelerating the deployment of low emissions technologies, while also utilising the combined expertise of both LETA and SER.

“The MOU between LETA and the University of Wyoming demonstrates a strong commitment to a sustainable energy transition that will encourage real innovation in critical technologies like CCS, hydrogen, and ammonia.”

“We already know that harnessing technology is essential for reducing our emissions while simultaneously bolstering our economy and ensuring reliable, cost-effective energy.”

“The introduction of the Inflation Reduction Act in the United States has set the impetus to identify and invest in technologies that can drive economic growth without contributing to inflationary pressures.”

“Collaborative efforts in developing low emission technologies between Wyoming and Australia, underpinned by their aligned interests and shared challenges, exemplifies how international cooperation can be a catalyst for the practical demonstration of our goal to drive down the cost of the technologies that will support jobs, lower energy costs and reduce emissions.”

“The missions of LETA and the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources significantly align,” says SER Executive Director Holly Krutka. “Sharing lessons learned and expertise can help accelerate technology development, demonstration and deployment. This cooperative agreement highlights the advantages of building alliances with academic and research partners around the world.”

The MOU is set to span three years and can be extended upon mutual agreement. This MOU builds on existing agreements on low emission technologies with other like-minded institutions including the Japan Coal Frontier Organisation.

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