LETA Media • Low Emission Technology Australia Calls For Stronger Investment In Carbon Capture And Storage To Assist With Sectoral Decarbonisation Pathways

18 Jul 2023

Low Emission Technology Australia Calls For Stronger Investment In Carbon Capture And Storage To Assist With Sectoral Decarbonisation Pathways

Low Emission Technology Australia (LETA) welcomes today’s announcement by Minister Chris Bowen and the Albanese Government to initiate the drafting of sectoral plans for achieving net-zero emissions across critical sectors, including Electricity and Energy, Industry, the Built Environment, Agriculture and Land, Transport, and Resources.

As Australia works towards its global climate commitments, it is essential that we develop comprehensive strategies for each sector to drive sustainable, low-emission practices and pave the way toward a cleaner future. LETA supports the Government’s move to address emissions in each sector separately, recognising the unique challenges and opportunities they present.

However, LETA also strongly reiterates that achieving net zero emissions cannot be attained without substantial investment in low emission technologies, such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Innovative technologies such as CCS play a pivotal role in curbing emissions across various industries, facilitating a smooth transition to sustainable practices without compromising economic growth or energy security.

LETA CEO Mark McCallum said CCS is an essential component of the net-zero equation, enabling the capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes and power generation.

“By actively investing in and supporting the deployment of CCS infrastructure, Australia can significantly contribute to global emission reductions while safeguarding its industrial base.”

“We urge the Government to prioritise research and development in other critical low emission technologies, such as low carbon hydrogen and ammonia production.

“Investing in a diverse range of innovative solutions will create a resilient and adaptive environment, fostering economic growth and clean jobs for the future.”

In addition to playing a crucial role in emissions reduction, CCS also serves as a key enabler of low-cost hydrogen production, significantly supporting the decarbonisation of various industries.

Hydrogen has emerged as a promising clean energy carrier with the potential to revolutionize multiple sectors, including transportation, manufacturing, and energy. However, to unlock its full potential and integrate it seamlessly into existing industries, cost-effective hydrogen production is essential.

By coupling CCS with hydrogen production, Australia can create a robust hydrogen economy, driving the widespread adoption of hydrogen across various sectors. Industries that currently rely heavily on carbon-intensive processes can transition to hydrogen-based alternatives, further accelerating the decarbonisation of the economy.

The development of a thriving clean hydrogen sector can also unlock new export opportunities for Australia, positioning the country as a global leader in low-carbon technologies and contributing to the worldwide effort to combat climate change.

LETA remains committed to collaborating with the Government and industry to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and achieve our shared climate objectives.

We commend the Albanese Government for their commitment to this challenge and look forward to working hand in hand to drive real change and secure a cleaner, more prosperous Australia for generations to come.


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